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Chauffeur in Scottish ‘Day Dress’
And in dark suit and bowler hat
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Scottish Wedding Service: Car: a white English taxi complete with driver in dark suit and bowler hat, or in Scottish Highland Dress, plus a performance on the bagpipes.
Something new in the field of wedding transport - this original and beautiful white English taxi! What really sets this service apart from other wedding cars, is that the driver can also perform as a Scottish bagpipe player, in full Highland 'Day Dress' - which in Scotland is often worn by the groom. A piper adds a distinctively Scottish and festive atmosphere to your wedding venue. For example, leading the bride and groom as they walk from the car to the town hall or to the church - or marching in front of the car. - An impressive arrival that everyone will remember! There is also the option of car hire with driver in dark suit and bowler hat, without a bagpipe performance. It’s still a very original and stylish mode of transport for your wedding day!
Get Married in British Style!
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